Our commitment to safe and efficient bathroom lifestyle products reflects the way we think about pets.

They are our siblings, best friends, companion, and sometimes our only children.

For me, it was always a constant struggle to get my Maltese, Sunny to stay in the tub for his weekly bath. I could see how bath time was clearly not his favorite time of the day, and I felt sorry that I had no choice but to get both of us wet. I still remember when Sunny would start running away from me the moment I turn on the water and I we would start playing chase – unintentionally. This made me wonder how I can make it pleasant for both human and pets.

Pethroom is founded on the belief that pets should also enjoy their bath time. Our products are a direct result of endless hours of careful designing and thinking to spread the joy of bath to our fur friends. We respect a healthy companionship between pets and people and Pethroom will be the middle bridge to boost this value.