"We want to focus on our fur friends’ perspective first before humans so that they can feel brief comfort"

Our first product, which was also our first success comes with the invention of Relax Shower. When our PETHROOM team was brainstorming for the perfect item to create a joyful bath time for pets, we realized that the whole team were experiencing the same problem. We all agreed that our bath time with our fur friends were not that pleasant, with all the chase games and having to keep them in the bathroom with the water running. This was when we thought of inventing a unique showerhead to our beloved pets who are afraid of water splashes. We came up with this idea because we realized more human showerheads are releasing new products with stronger water currents. However, cats and mostly dogs are afraid of the current and sound which makes bath time stressful for both pets and humans. We wanted to solve this problem, which is why we brought Relax Shower as the solution.

We still talk about the hundreds of trials we went through to actually test the product out. Our team went all around the country to test the water pressure in different regions with different breeds. We wanted to focus whether the showerhead effectively cleanses fur without strong water pressure. During this process, we realized that each region used different sprinkler plates, so it was hard at first to reach a middle ground of what water pressure Relax Shower should adjust to.

So finally, after the launch of Relax Shower, we received a great amount of interest from users who were going through the same bath struggle as our team. They mainly told us that the showerhead decreased their pets’ weekly bath time. The rubber cap prevented the showerhead from reversing to splash water everywhere and the On/Off button was useful in emergency situations when the pet made a sudden move. Within two months after the release of Relax Shower, we achieved 700% in marketing proficiency and performed even 10 times sales rate in just one day.

Some would already know that we went through a renewal from Relax Shower 1.0 to 2.0 in winter, 2020. We did this because we wanted to improve the overall experience both pets and humans have while using the product. Some main features that changed is the amount of rubber bristles to provide a smoother massage, and the design of the showerhead handle for a more comfortable grip.

Now that PETHROOM is spreading out internationally starting from the United Kingdom to the United States and other regions in the near future, our goal is to invent optimized products to better the bath time for pets. We won’t stop testing and going through hundreds of designing and trials to come up with the perfect product that follows along our PETHROOM mission. We want to focus on our fur friends’ perspective first before humans so that they can feel brief comfort and no stress while using our products. We also want to release new items with real effects everyone can feel. Overall, we just want our companion animals to enjoy their bath time :)