Wrong bath habits lead to painful and distracting shower time to our precious fur friends. Water or shampoo splashes on sensitive areas (ex. Eyes, nose, ears), unwashed shampoo residues and noise from water pressure cause a great amount of stress to our pets. PETHROOM exclusively invented the Relax Shower to solve all these problems at once, just for pets.

Relax Shower 2.0, our newly updated version developed previous 1.0 functions to maximize safe and enjoyable bath time for both pets and the people. The three main feedback our users gave us was that 1) the water current was too strong, 2) the handle was sometimes slippery, and 3) they wanted more rubber bristles. Taking in all the feedback, we updated to an advanced version, creating Relax Shower 2.0. We decreased the water pressure and added a total of 54 rubber bristles to boost cleansing and loose fur removal while the improved angle thoroughly massages the coat even with thick fur. The advanced handle design also prevents slips by giving a firm grip. Try finding Boss and Alex joining the bath on the top handle too :)