"We want to focus on our fur friends’ perspective first before humans so that they can feel brief comfort"

Pets are blind in colors red and green, but they can identify blue and yellow clearly. PETHROOM chose blue and yellow as the main colors of the brand because they are the most vivid colors for the companion animals to detect. For our product and logo, we use the two colors that pets can identify right away to let them know that these products are especially made just for them. Having PETHROOM products as one of the only color humans can recognize the same with their pets, we want to build a strong bonding relationship to understand pets’ perspective. We also aim to create an environment where both humans and pets can share a common delightful experience by looking at the same color and using it together.

We also value the year ‘1983’ in which the International Vienna Symposium of Austria declared the expression, “Companion Animal” to publicize that pets are more than just animals, but precious companions that lives together with people. With this spirit passed on from 1983, PETHROOM recognizes animals as another personal entity and expresses them in our brand vision and value.

In other words, PETHROOM focuses on the companion animal’s perspective as well as the common memory they will make with their human companion during their everyday life.