Like actual human beings, each characters of Pethroom have different personalities and preferences. They develop, research, and promote all products together.



He's only a year old but is pessimistic enough. Always babbling about the fact that he has no patters like other of his kind, cheese tabby. Clean to the core, very upset when not finished the day with a bath. However, he is quite an emotional cat, who is easily satisfied with the little things in life. 



His name is boss with a very sweet face. He is mostly good boy but it's also habitual. So sometimes hard to read his feelings. He is gluttony, so eats everything from the floor but never had a single bellyache because of his blessed stomach.





Charlie, a bit picky boy who always picks only the best, comes from a British noble family. He likes to groom himself, and it takes a lot of time to bath as he is obsessed with glossy hair. Charlie sees Boss and Alex with a pathetic stare when they make a mess around the house.



Eric, always bright and playful, is super friendly to everyone and easily adapt to new situations. He's good at reading the minds of others. Eric likes to lighten up the mood in his neighbour and give them a hand at any point in time if needed.