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Dental Clean Toothpaste

*Singaporean customers can only purchase through Dental Clean Toothpaste contains fucoidan effective for oral health, removing odors and tartar with a sticky formula to make brushing more efficient! *All our 'cleaning' categorized products are safe to use for both cats and dogs!🐺🐱   Highlights Contains the most Fucoidan that helps with immunity improvement Did not add any D-Sorbitol that is contained in most toothpastes which causes vomitting and diarrhea when ingested. Consist with safe, natural ingredients that is lick-free such as green tea, rosemary extract and chitosan to get rid of mouth odor. 27.3M views on TikTok 🖤 Use and Care Apply on toothbrush the right amount according to your fur friend's teeth size. Brush thoroughly your fur friend's teeth, adding more toothpaste when needed. Be careful not to brush quickly which might give stress to your pet. Key ingredients Key ingredients: Seaweed, rosemary, green tea, fucoidan, purified water Specs 60g / 2.1oz Made in: Republic of Korea Shipping & Returns FAQs Things to check before purchasing Dental Clean Toothpaste 1. The gel type formula is based off from Fucoidan which is safe to use and won’t stay on teeth after brush2. Use with soft bristle toothbrush (PETHROOM has one too!) to effectively get rid of tartar and stuck food 3. We recommend daily brushing just like us humans but give some time for your pet to adjust! Do I need to use a toothbrush too? Just using toothpaste can help reduce odor and plaque, but if you don't brush the teeth together, then any toothpaste won't have much effect. We recommend you brush your fur baby's teeth with a toothbrush (check out our Dental Clean Toothbrush!) How long will 1 toothpaste tube last? Keep in mind that this differs among different breeds and how often your pet gets brushed. Usually, the tube will last about 3 months for small breeds if you use daily and for middle/big sized breeds, it will take about 2.5months to use! Does it also help relieve certain oral diseases? Dental Clean Toothpaste contains the largest amount of fucoidan that is effective for maintaining oral health. It helps remove odor and plaque and the sticky formula can keep the brushing effect for a long time. This product is designed for a healthy dental care, but please keep in mind that is was not made to focus on relieving specific oral diseases.
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