Pethroom is a combination words of pet and bathroom.
Seeking to be a premium companion animal supply brand that leads to create safe and joyful companion animal bathroom culture.

PETHROOM aim for happy bathroom lifestyle

Best cat brush I have ever used!

I have gone through five different brush types for my cats before buying this one and none of the other brushes ever worked well. My cats actually come over to me now to be brushed instead of run away, even my cat who has super sensitive skin let's me brush him now. I seriously can't rave enough about this brush!


Love this brush sooo much

I can't believe I'm finally one of these people who gets to write this in a review....THIS IS THE ONLY BRUSH MY LONGHAIR CAT WILL TOLERATE! hahaha. Yesssss! This brush actually collects the dead hair and is super super easy to clean and hold.


Best product for dog owners yet!

I have two dogs and they are super anxious, so we can’t take them to a groomer. That means we break our backs to wash them in the tub. This sprayer has saved a TON of water. It has an on/off switch on the side so you can easily turn it with one hand while washing. The rubber splash shield is genius! My dogs are wiggly when being bathed and we didn’t get water everywhere!


Quality, quality, quality!!!!

We needed something like this desperately. My husband is the handy man of the two of us and I decided to install it on my own. The instructions looked simple enough. I was able to install this product within 15 min without deviating from the instructions. Would prob take 5-10 min for a handy person. It worked just as expected. My labs love the water but hate baths. This should cut down on bath time significantly! Totally recommended, you can't go wrong with item.

-Laura C.

Speeds Up Dry Time!

Very absorbent and easy to clean. Makes drying pretty quick. Still requires time to air dry before completely dry but does soak up most of the excess water straight from the bath quickly. I was terrified of bathing my dog at home for fear of how long it would take and how messy the process would be. After spending $70 per grooming session I decided to try at home. This makes regular bathing easy and quick.


It's really the thing !!!!!!!!!

It's really the thing !!!!!!!!! Maybe it's because I don't splash water anymore, he became really calm while shower. Honestly, my mom and I are more satisfied LOL We use it for our hair, too and it works as a scalp massager ! It's really refreshing and it doesn't hurt at all.

-Melissa R.


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hehe A towel for both Dogs & Cats

Sponge Towel

A towel that is made with the method of unique HIGH GAUGE : 28, presenting another level of bifurcation that absorbs 3 times better than any other cotton/fibre towels, leaving your pet dry to the bone! 


A pet showerhead for dogs and cats

Relax Shower

Perfect Wash, Fun Bath, Soft Massage ! 
Simply the fastest and the easiest way to wash your pet, keeping you dry while washing, brushing and removing dirt and debris from your animal. 


Grooming for your pets


Healing brush quickly scrubs away dirt and loose fur while gently massaging your pet making them feel extra cared. Also, with this excellent high-functioned silicone brush, you may find over 80% of de-shedding after continuous use.