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Healing Brush

What is it? A soft silicone brush that quickly scrubs away dirt and loose fur while gently massaging your pet making them feel extra care for. Why it's special? REMOVES LOOSE FUR ONLY - Designed with a total of 144 silicon bristles in one brush.Outer bristles catches flyaway fur. Inner bristles reaches deeply to remove loose fur. PAINLESS BRUSHING - Does not pull out healthy fur. Only removes shed fur gently. Helps in deshedding to reduce fur. ... Wetting💦 the brush can help make the perfect fur cookie🍪🐶🐱 MASSAGE WHILE BRUSHING - Do both at once. Boosts blood circulation at the same time for skin and fur health. Provides your pet a paw-some massage and bonding time. ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Designed to fit right into the human palm. Holder design for a firm grip and high level of user comfort. Designed to be mewonificiently user friendly. FOR BOTH DOGS AND CATS - Perfect for shedding seasons. Just keep in mind that effects may vary among different fur length and breed. Show More 27.3M views on TikTok 🖤 Use and Care Wetting💦 the brush can help make the perfect fur cookie🍪🐶🐱 Softly brush and remove loose hair while giving a massage on sensitive skinned companion animals. Simply clean the brush by just tossing out gathered loose hair that has been captured under the cap! (Rinse under water for extra cleanse) Keep away from animals(other than cats and dogs) and children. For short, tangles and/or thin curly haired animals such as Poodles and Bichons, may not find the product as much effective as promoted.  Materials Silicone / ABS Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), is a highly-functional material with excellent shock resistance, heat resistance and great appearance. Specs 3.15 inch (L) x 5.31 inch (W) x 3.54 inch (H) Only 0.37pounds! Perfect for one hand grip Made in: Republic of Korea Shipping & Returns FAQs Things to check before purchasing Healing Brush 1. Healing Brush does not work with curly haired breeds such as Poodles and Bichons! 🐩🙅‍♀‍2. Effects might vary with long haired breeds such as long-haired Chihuahuas, Border Collies and King Charles Spaniel 🐕😮 3. Healing Brush works fantastic with short haired breeds for both cats and dogs 😻🐾 4.Healing Brush has been tested with all coat textures, so it is safe to use for other animals such as rabbits 🐰 and pigs 🐷 What is the difference with the Relax Shower? Both products effectively remove loose hair and give massaging effect on animal skin. However, here are some differences which may help you understand further. First, HEALING BRUSH holds 144 silicone bristles which effectively remove loose hair compared to the RELAX SHOWER that only has about 50 bristles. Second, HEALING BRUSH silicone bristles have a hardenss of 78, whereas RELAX SHOWER has 68, which allows a better performance of the loose hair removal action. Third, HEALING BRUSH is ergonomically designed that does not give pressure on the wrist of the user, with a comforting non-slipping grip. Is it effective on curly hair such as Poodles and Bichons , too? HEALING BRUSH has been manufactured to focus on loose hair, therefore, for short, tangles and/or thin curly haired animals such as Poodles and Bichons, may not find the product as much effective as promoted. For an effective use, try removing loose hair and massage with Pethroom Healing Brush first, then brush with a longer bristled brush to untangle the hair for the best effect. Can long hair breeds of animals use the brush? We have tested our product on both long and short hair breeds of animals and was equally effective. However, for animals that have thin, or tangled hair, the brush may not work effectively. For example, Pomeranians have fluffs with double coat, which makes them difficult for the brush to dig deep inside for the best effect. Therefore, we advise you to brush by pressing a little harder against the body of the animal when brushing. Is it work on animals other than cats or dogs? It is made exclusively for cats and dogs. Consequently, you may use it on other animals, though the effect of the brush that had been promoted may not take place. Also, please note that the size of this brush is 3.94inches in diameter, so consider the size before purchasing the product.
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