"We want to focus on our fur friends’ perspective first before humans so that they can feel brief comfort"

We decided to use blue and yellow for our brand color to maximize the experience we share with our pet family. Since pets’ color vision is limited, they can identify the world in a mixture of mostly yellow and blue. We chose these two vivid colors for both our fur friends and humans to recognize not only our brand, but a common memory that is made at the same time. The colors also present our design with consistency to create a communicative relationship.

We also put great effort into designing our products to ensure best quality for both pets and humans. We went through thousands of trial and error to come up with items that provide user experience that can be felt immediately upon use. For example, we updated Relax Shower 2.0 with an ergonomically designed handle angle for a better grip than the previous version. We also patented our rubber bristles for both Healing Brush and Relax Shower 2.0 because we understand destressing our companion animals is the shortcut to making bath time enjoyable. PETHROOM will continue to specialize in developing products useful in both ends for our pets and human.