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Healing Brush

*Singaporean customers can only purchase through shopee.sg What is it? A soft silicone brush that quickly scrubs away dirt and loose fur while gently massaging your pet making them feel extra care for. Why it's special? REMOVES LOOSE FUR ONLY - Designed with a total of 144 silicon bristles in one brush.Outer bristles catches flyaway fur. Inner bristles reaches deeply to remove loose fur. PAINLESS BRUSHING - Does not pull out healthy fur. Only removes shed fur gently. Helps in deshedding to reduce fur. ... Wetting💦 the brush can help make the perfect fur cookie🍪🐶🐱 MASSAGE WHILE BRUSHING - Do both at once. Boosts blood circulation at the same time for skin and fur health. Provides your pet a paw-some massage and bonding time. ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Designed to fit right into the human palm. Holder design for a firm grip and high level of user comfort. Designed to be mewonificiently user friendly. FOR BOTH DOGS AND CATS - Perfect for shedding seasons. Just keep in mind that effects may vary among different fur length and breed. Show More 27.3M views on TikTok 🖤 Use and Care Wetting💦 the brush can help make the perfect fur cookie🍪🐶🐱 Softly brush and remove loose hair while giving a massage on sensitive skinned companion animals. Simply clean the brush by just tossing out gathered loose hair that has been captured under the cap! (Rinse under water for extra cleanse) Keep away from animals(other than cats and dogs) and children. For short, tangles and/or thin curly haired animals such as Poodles and Bichons, may not find the product as much effective as promoted.  Materials Silicone / ABS Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), is a highly-functional material with excellent shock resistance, heat resistance and great appearance. Specs 3.15 inch (L) x 5.31 inch (W) x 3.54 inch (H) Only 0.37pounds! Perfect for one hand grip Made in: Republic of Korea Shipping & Returns FAQs Things to check before purchasing Healing Brush 1. Healing Brush does not work with curly haired breeds such as Poodles and Bichons! 🐩🙅‍♀‍2. Effects might vary with long haired breeds such as long-haired Chihuahuas, Border Collies and King Charles Spaniel 🐕😮 3. Healing Brush works fantastic with short haired breeds for both cats and dogs 😻🐾 4.Healing Brush has been tested with all coat textures, so it is safe to use for other animals such as rabbits 🐰 and pigs 🐷 What is the difference with the Relax Shower? Both products effectively remove loose hair and give massaging effect on animal skin. However, here are some differences which may help you understand further. First, HEALING BRUSH holds 144 silicone bristles which effectively remove loose hair compared to the RELAX SHOWER that only has about 50 bristles. Second, HEALING BRUSH silicone bristles have a hardenss of 78, whereas RELAX SHOWER has 68, which allows a better performance of the loose hair removal action. Third, HEALING BRUSH is ergonomically designed that does not give pressure on the wrist of the user, with a comforting non-slipping grip. Is it effective on curly hair such as Poodles and Bichons , too? HEALING BRUSH has been manufactured to focus on loose hair, therefore, for short, tangles and/or thin curly haired animals such as Poodles and Bichons, may not find the product as much effective as promoted. For an effective use, try removing loose hair and massage with Pethroom Healing Brush first, then brush with a longer bristled brush to untangle the hair for the best effect. Can long hair breeds of animals use the brush? We have tested our product on both long and short hair breeds of animals and was equally effective. However, for animals that have thin, or tangled hair, the brush may not work effectively. For example, Pomeranians have fluffs with double coat, which makes them difficult for the brush to dig deep inside for the best effect. Therefore, we advise you to brush by pressing a little harder against the body of the animal when brushing. Is it work on animals other than cats or dogs? It is made exclusively for cats and dogs. Consequently, you may use it on other animals, though the effect of the brush that had been promoted may not take place. Also, please note that the size of this brush is 3.94inches in diameter, so consider the size before purchasing the product.
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Sponge Towel - Pethroom USSponge Towel - Pethroom US

Sponge Towel

*Singaporean customers can only purchase through shopee.sgA towel that is made with unique HIGH GAUGE : 28 technology. Presenting another level of bifurcation that absorbs 3 times better than any other cotton/fibre towels, leaving your pet dry to the bone!  Highlights Made of high quality microfiber material, super soft and ultra absorbent, drying your pet easily and quickly , to save your drying time! Perfect towel to dry small, medium and large companion animals: Pet drying towel for any type of breeds and sizes. Ultra-soft microfiber material softly and carefully glides through the skin of the animals without any pain. 27.3M views on TikTok 🖤 Use and Care Suitable for cats, dogs of all different breeds and sizes. Machine washable and long lasting Use both sides (front and back) while the microfiber towel gently massage and wick water away from your companion animal. Materials 80% Polyester / 20% Nylon for maximum absorption and durability. Specs S: 8 inch x 8 inch (220g/0.48lb) *for face and paws M: 15.8 inch x 31.5 inch (400g/0.88lb) L: 23.6 inch x 47.3 inch (650g/1.43lb) Made in: Republic of Korea Shipping & Returns FAQs Does it need to be washed before used for the first time? The material had been manufactured in a clean environment, so you may directly use it without washing. Keep in mind that due to the nature of the micro-fiber material, frequent use of washing machine may damage the material, and cause loss of ability of absorption. How to wash? Since ultra-soft microfiber is a sensitive material, we recommend you the best way to preserve the quality of the material. Follow the guide below to maintain the best effect of the towel. a. Ultra-soft microfiber may become damaged when washed with a washing machine, therefore the best way is to use a neutral detergent or wool shampoo to hand wash the material. b. After the wash, do not use the dryer but remove as much moisture instead by hand and leave it at a cool place to dry. c. The material may not feel as soft as before after the wash, but the absorption ability will stay the same. If the product material seems to be slightly clumped, softly comb it with a brush to loosen it. Can people use it too? The sponge towel that has been inquired about is certified for having no harmful substances, and its excellent absorption are also suitable for people to use. However, for hygienic reason, we recommend you clean it thoroughly before using it. Would the color bleach or stain other materials? During the manufacturing process, the material is made not to stain other materials. However, according to the temperature during the wash, or the washing detergent used, the color from the towel may stain other sensitive materials. It is recommended to be washed separately alone. The color of the material is of natural pigment; therefore, it is harmless to the body, but can still stain other materials in certain cases. Yet, the animal fur is coated with keratin(protein) which does not become stained easily with the towel, so please use it with confidence.
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Paw Care Essence - Pethroom USPaw Care Essence - Pethroom US
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Paw Care Essence

*Singaporean customers can only purchase through shopee.sgPAW-CARE ESSENCE is a Pethroom exclusive roll-on type essence designed to absorb quickly into paw pads for both dogs and cats to get back exploring again in no time. Formulated with 78% Royal Jelly extract and EWG verified green grade ingredients, PAW-CARE ESSENCE can be applied on any rough areas, as well as the nose or belly to help moisturize and soothe any itching. The quick-drying PAW-CARE ESSENCE is essential for keeping your pets’ paw pads undamaged and healthy to help get them through a life without shoes. *All our 'cleaning' categorized products are safe to use for both cats and dogs!🐺🐱   Highlights A blend of EWG verified ingredients, such as coconut oil and natural protectants infused in a water-based formula that prevents slips by increasing hydration. The high concentration of natural royal jelly extract will moisturize the paw to strengthen grip and prevent slips. Natural healing elements will effectively protect the paw from external factors such as hot pavement or calcium chloride on the streets during winter. The use of non-artificial fragrance won’t stimulate your pet’s nose in addition to the fact that the veterinary medical ingredients are also lick-free. 27.3M views on TikTok 🖤 Use and Care Make sure your pet’s paw is clean and dry before applying the product. Gently roll the product into the pads and then massage the remaining essence for absorption. Use up to 3 times a day on rough or irritated areas including nose, belly, and back. Key ingredients Key ingredients: Royal jelly extract, coconut oil, chameleon plant extract, propolis extract, rose extract and ceramide NP. Specs 85ml/2.87oz Made in: Republic of Korea Shipping & Returns FAQs Things to check before purchasing Paw Care Essence 1. Paw Care Essence can be used in other dry areas than paw such as nose and belly2. Leave the paw to dry for 5~10 seconds and your pet will leave no pawtracks like other oil-type balm! 3. We recommend using up to 3 times per day for your pet to maintain that jelly paw! Can I use it on other areas too? The product focus on moisturizing needed areas, so it is safe to use on other areas where your pet is feeling itchy or dry. This can be either the nose or belly. Is it safe for my pet to ingest the essence? Ingredients used to make PAW-CARE Essence are 100% EWG Green level certified natural ingredients. The product has been tested and approved to be used for medical purposes, meaning it is lick-free and safe for your pet to eat. However, since the product itself is not intended to be an edible food, we recommend you to make sure your pet does not lick an excessive amount. Can I apply it on scars? Ingredients used to make PAW-CARE Essence are 100% EWG Green level certified natural ingredients. The product has been tested and approved to be used for medical purposes, meaning it can be applied on all areas such as nose and belly. However, the product cannot be categorized to heal a specific disease so we recommend you not to apply it on scars before you consult with a local vet.
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Nature Ear Cleaner - Pethroom USNature Ear Cleaner - Pethroom US
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Nature Ear Cleaner

*Singaporean customers can only purchase through shopee.sgPresented to you after endless research and testing! Nature Ear Cleaner will refresh your pet's ear with natural organic essential oil. Simply add a few drops into your pet's ear and massage for the ear cleaner to absorb. This time they will not run away from you! *All our 'cleaning' categorized products are safe to use for both cats and dogs!🐺🐱   Highlights Crypress extract calms down irritated skin and decrease ear bacterial fungi. Maintaining ear hygiene helps prevent diseases caused by ear infection. Hypoallergenic ingredients. Natural essential oil included and EWG Green level certified making it safe to use. White rose and mukurossi fruit extract reduce itchiness and cleans out earwax. 27.3M views on TikTok 🖤 Use and Care Put a few drops of Nature Ear Cleaner into your fur friend's ear. Massage ear gently for the liquid to spread inside the ear. Blow light air into your pet's ear so that they can shake their head. Absorb remaining liquid with a cotton pad. Key ingredients Key ingredients: Cypress extract, white rose extract, mukurossi fruit extract, glycerin and ethanol Specs 120ml/4.06oz Made in: Republic of Korea Shipping & Returns FAQs Things to check before purchasing Nature Ear Cleaner  1. DON’T use cotton swabs to clean earwax inside your fur friend’s ear. Use a cotton pad instead for safe cleanse. 2. Neroli extract is EWG Green certified safe for your pet and is known for reducing stress 3. Wash off immediately if Nature Ear Cleaner goes inside your pet’s eyes How do I use the top lid? Nature Ear Cleaner is not a lid-opening structure, but a rotating one. Turn the lid clockwise to use it! Can I use it on pets who hates getting ears cleaned? Nature Ear Cleaner is harmless to pets with non-irritating and non-toxic ingredients, so you can use it with confidence. Check the temperature of the liquid first by dropping a few drops on yourself first so that your pet does not feel alarmed. Does it contain surfactant? Natural surfactant ingredients are included in Nature Ear Cleaner, and they are naturally derived food additives licensed and certified for pets to use safely. You can use with confidence as the product was approved to be used for medical purposes.
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Dental Clean Toothpaste - Pethroom USDental Clean Toothpaste - Pethroom US
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Dental Clean Toothpaste

*Singaporean customers can only purchase through shopee.sg Dental Clean Toothpaste contains fucoidan effective for oral health, removing odors and tartar with a sticky formula to make brushing more efficient! *All our 'cleaning' categorized products are safe to use for both cats and dogs!🐺🐱   Highlights Contains the most Fucoidan that helps with immunity improvement Did not add any D-Sorbitol that is contained in most toothpastes which causes vomitting and diarrhea when ingested. Consist with safe, natural ingredients that is lick-free such as green tea, rosemary extract and chitosan to get rid of mouth odor. 27.3M views on TikTok 🖤 Use and Care Apply on toothbrush the right amount according to your fur friend's teeth size. Brush thoroughly your fur friend's teeth, adding more toothpaste when needed. Be careful not to brush quickly which might give stress to your pet. Key ingredients Key ingredients: Seaweed, rosemary, green tea, fucoidan, purified water Specs 60g / 2.1oz Made in: Republic of Korea Shipping & Returns FAQs Things to check before purchasing Dental Clean Toothpaste 1. The gel type formula is based off from Fucoidan which is safe to use and won’t stay on teeth after brush2. Use with soft bristle toothbrush (PETHROOM has one too!) to effectively get rid of tartar and stuck food 3. We recommend daily brushing just like us humans but give some time for your pet to adjust! Do I need to use a toothbrush too? Just using toothpaste can help reduce odor and plaque, but if you don't brush the teeth together, then any toothpaste won't have much effect. We recommend you brush your fur baby's teeth with a toothbrush (check out our Dental Clean Toothbrush!) How long will 1 toothpaste tube last? Keep in mind that this differs among different breeds and how often your pet gets brushed. Usually, the tube will last about 3 months for small breeds if you use daily and for middle/big sized breeds, it will take about 2.5months to use! Does it also help relieve certain oral diseases? Dental Clean Toothpaste contains the largest amount of fucoidan that is effective for maintaining oral health. It helps remove odor and plaque and the sticky formula can keep the brushing effect for a long time. This product is designed for a healthy dental care, but please keep in mind that is was not made to focus on relieving specific oral diseases.
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