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From head to paw. Get Want them all Set and try all of our products 💛💙

*All our products are safe to use for both cats and dogs!🐺🐱


Healing brush makes pet care simple and fun! The soft rubber bristles quickly scrubs away dirt and loose fur while gently massaging your pet making them feel extra cared for. Also, with this excellent, highly-effective silicone brush, your furry friends would experience 80% de-shedding after continuous use, which prevents them from contracting skin diseases and other problems that are caused by loose hair. Tried and proven grooming brush with over 100,000 units sold around the world, plus over 14,000+ positive reviews and counting!

Why is it special?
  • Loose fur removal and skin massage
  • No irritation & zero skin damaging
  • Patented cover cap
  • Ergonomic design & simple non-slip grip
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Perfect Wash, Fun Bath, Soft Massage! Simply the fastest and the easiest way to wash your pet, keeping you dry while washing, brushing and removing dirt and debris from your animal. Keep water out of sensitive areas with the rubber shield in a downward position, making bath time quick, easy and convenient! The nozzle of the showerhead is attachable to any regular shower hose.

Why is it special?
  • Remove shampoo residue
  • Blocks water splash
  • Low noise
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A towel that is made with unique HIGH GAUGE : 28 technology. Presenting another level of bifurcation that absorbs 3 times better than any other cotton/fibre towels, leaving your pet dry to the bone!

Why is it special?
  • Sponge-like absorption
  • Shorter drying time
  • Less skin irritation
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PAW-CARE ESSENCE is a Pethroom exclusive roll-on type essence designed to absorb quickly into paw pads for both dogs and cats to get back exploring again in no time. Formulated with 78% Royal Jelly extract and EWG verified green grade ingredients, PAW-CARE ESSENCE can be applied on any rough areas, as well as the nose or belly to help moisturize and soothe any itching. The quick-drying PAW-CARE ESSENCE is essential for keeping your pets’ paw pads undamaged and healthy to help get them through a life without shoes.

Why is it special?
  • Protect and moisturize
  • Non fragarance and lick-safe
  • Safe and fast acting formula
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Presented to you after endless research and testing! Nature Ear Cleaner will refresh your pet's ear with natural organic essential oil. Simply add a few drops into your pet's ear and massage for the ear cleaner to absorb. Simple and easy!

Why is it special?
  • Get rid of earwax
  • Only the best ingredients for your pet
  • Cap attached with tube
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Dental Clean Toothpaste contains fucoidan effective for oral health, removing ordours and tartar with a sticky formula to make brushing more efficient!

Why is it special?
  • Lick free and non fragarance
  • Don't worry, we didn't add D-Sorbitol
  • Maximize brushing effect
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PETHROOM developed micro bristles made for cats and small dogs for the perfect tartar removal!

Why is it special?
  • 0.08mm Ultra fine microfiber bristles
  • Dental care for small dogs and catsbr>
  • Prevent tartar and bad breath
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