Sponge Towel

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A towel that is made with unique HIGH GAUGE : 28 technology. Presenting another level of bifurcation that absorbs 3 times better than any other cotton/fibre towels, leaving your pet dry to the bone!ย 


  • Made of high quality microfiber material, super soft and ultra absorbent, drying your pet easily and quickly , to save your drying time!
  • Perfect towel to dry small, medium and large companion animals: Pet drying towel for any type of breeds and sizes.
  • Ultra-soft microfiber material softly and carefully glides through the skin of the animals without any pain.
  • Suitable for cats, dogs of all different breeds and sizes.
  • Machine washable and long lasting
  • Use both sides (front and back) while the microfiber towel gently massage and wick water away from your companion animal.
  • 80% Polyester / 20% Nylon for maximum absorption and durability.
  • S: 8 inch x 8 inch (220g/0.48lb) *for face and paws
  • M: 15.8 inch x 31.5 inch (400g/0.88lb)
  • L: 23.6 inch x 47.3 inch (650g/1.43lb)
  • Made in: Republic of Korea

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