Relax Shower 2.0

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Perfect Wash, Fun Bath, Soft Massage !
Simply the fastest and the easiest way to wash your pet, keeping you dry while washing, brushing and removing dirt and debris from your animal. Keep water out of sensitive areas with the rubber shield in a downward position, making bath time quick, easy and convenient! The nozzle of the showerhead is attachable to any regular shower hose.



  • Splash shield on the shower head perfectly controls water, shortening the time of bath and keeps you dry while bathing your pet.
  • Rubber bristles on the brush gives a full coverage of wash and rinses away dirt, shampoo and suds. 
  • Massage and care for the skin leaving no residue behind.

Use and Care:

  • Cleansing mode keeps the water directed out of eyes and ears, and grooming mode brushes out dirt and debris.
  • Connects to a standard water hose. (Easily switch between your regular shower head and our Pethroom Relax Shower)
  • Do not use the shower head anywhere else but directed. (Keep away from children and animals other than cats and dogs)
  • The shower head may leak or become damaged when put on "off" function with the faucet turned on for a long time.


  • Must turn off the faucet after using the water-saving mode. If you leave the faucet turned on for a long time while using the 'off' function of the water-saving mode, it can be the cause of leaking, shower head bursting or water flowing backward. Damages caused by not turning off the faucet will not be accepted for any repairs, exchanges or refunds.


  • Silicone / ABS
    Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), is a highly-functional material with excellent shock resistance, heat resistance and great appearance.


  • 2.4 inch (W) x 5.5 inch (L) x 3.7 inch (H)
    0.52 pounds

Made in

  • Republic of Korea



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South Korea South Korea
super convenient

WOW. super convenient. This is better than i expected. i can massage him with balls and remove loose hair easily. Strongly recommend!

Pethroom Relax Shower 2.0 Review
Quinn L.
South Korea South Korea
Look at that happy face

I think it's a good buy. Look at how still she is sitting!

Pethroom Relax Shower 2.0 Review
South Korea South Korea
Best product for dog owners yet!

Best product for dog owners yet! I have two dogs and they are super anxious, so we can’t take them to a groomer. That means we break our backs to wash them in the tub. Before we installed this sprayer, we used a large cup and would leave the water running to fill it and dump on the dogs. This sprayer has saved a TON of water. It has an on/off switch on the side so you can easily turn it with one hand while washing. We used to run out of hot water half way thru washing the second dog. Today we washed both dogs and I had enough hot water to take a shower after! The rubber splash shield is genius! My dogs are wiggly when being bathed and we didn’t get water everywhere! My husband installed it super fast and only using a wrench.

Pethroom Relax Shower 2.0 Review
South Korea South Korea
Money well spent

I love this product. Makes bathing my dogs much easier.

Pethroom Relax Shower 2.0 Review
South Korea South Korea
Splash guard is great! Good quality

Set this up on my dog shower in the garage so didn't have to mess with setting it up in personal shower. Fits in my hand perfectly splash is easily controlled & one of my dogs was much better behaved this time. I think the splash guard is the reason why since it stops the water from spraying everywhere

Pethroom Relax Shower 2.0 Review
South Korea South Korea
Just get this product ! super recommended

What a great product! I got this because I have three dogs and one is not the easiest to stay still and not shake. The head has a rubber cone, so to speak, that keeps the water where you want it with more control. I can rinse their cheeks or top of their head and not spray in eyes or ears! I only wish I would have gotten this product years ago, would have saved me so much time, frustration and getting wet! Oh and it is a piece of cake to install, comes with plumbers tape AND a suction mounting bracket to hold the handle nicely in place to stay organized

Pethroom Relax Shower 2.0 Review
South Korea South Korea
Dogs and humans are loving this!!

We have this in the bathtub that we use as well as wash our dog in. It was so good on the pup that we put the wall hanger up and now we shower with it along with the regular old shower head. It is fabulous. Then we can take it down and spray the undercarriage on ourselves too. Best buy we made for the most benefit.

Pethroom Relax Shower 2.0 Review
South Korea South Korea

The happy look of my dog says it all! Barley used to hate baths so much to the point that it was a struggle to get him into the bathroom. We tried many different methods but none worked as well as this shower head. We used to have an inside joke among our family saying that this is a magic lotus as Barley magically managed to sit pretty still during the bath after we switched shower heads! Didn't know a showerhead quite make such a difference, but I guess this proved me wrong. ;)

Pethroom Relax Shower 2.0 Review
Douglas S.
South Korea South Korea
Never had such a good shower time

I find it hard to control the water strength from the normal shower hose as my dog freaks out sometimes when the water comes out too strongly. I always find myself getting all wet before we finish, which is pretty annoying actually. I decided to give this shower head a try since it seemed promising. Turns out, I am pleasantly surprised how my dog enjoyed it too! Will recommend this if you have a hard time dealing with splashes during bath times. :)

Pethroom Relax Shower 2.0 Review
South Korea South Korea
Necessity !

Couldn't believe how perfectly this works ! I have shepherds with the thick coats and was afraid this wouldn't get through their coats but it does. It rinses soap out of their coat very easily and perfectly !

Pethroom Relax Shower 2.0 Review