Paw Care Essence

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PAW-CARE ESSENCE is a Pethroom exclusive roll-on type essence designed to absorb quickly into paw pads for both dogs and cats to get back exploring again in no time. Formulated with 78% Royal Jelly extract and EWG verified green grade ingredients, PAW-CARE ESSENCE can be applied on any rough areas, as well as the nose or belly to help moisturize and soothe any itching. The quick-drying PAW-CARE ESSENCE is essential for keeping your pets’ paw pads undamaged and healthy to help get them through a life without shoes.

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  • A blend of EWG verified ingredients, such as coconut oil and natural protectants infused in a water-based formula that prevents slips by increasing hydration.
  • The high concentration of natural royal jelly extract will moisturize the paw to strengthen grip and prevent slips. Natural healing elements will effectively protect the paw from external factors such as hot pavement or calcium chloride on the streets during winter.
  • The use of non-artificial fragrance won’t stimulate your pet’s nose in addition to the fact that the veterinary medical ingredients are also lick-free.
  • Make sure your pet’s paw is clean and dry before applying the product.
  • Gently roll the product into the pads and then massage the remaining essence for absorption.
  • Use up to 3 times a day on rough or irritated areas including nose, belly, and back.
  • Key ingredients: Royal jelly extract, coconut oil, chameleon plant extract, propolis extract, rose extract and ceramide NP.
  • 85ml/2.87oz
  • Made in: Republic of Korea

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