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What is it?

A soft silicone brush that quickly scrubs away dirt and loose fur while gently massaging your pet making them feel extra care for.

Why it's special?

  • REMOVES LOOSE FUR ONLY - Designed with a total of 144 silicon bristles in one brush.Outer bristles catches flyaway fur. Inner bristles reaches deeply to remove loose fur.

  • PAINLESS BRUSHING - Does not pull out healthy fur. Only removes shed fur gently. Helps in deshedding to reduce fur.
  • ...
  • Wetting💦 the brush can help make the perfect fur cookie🍪🐶🐱

  • MASSAGE WHILE BRUSHING - Do both at once. Boosts blood circulation at the same time for skin and fur health. Provides your pet a paw-some massage and bonding time.

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Designed to fit right into the human palm. Holder design for a firm grip and high level of user comfort. Designed to be mewonificiently user friendly.

  • FOR BOTH DOGS AND CATS - Perfect for shedding seasons. Just keep in mind that effects may vary among different fur length and breed.
    • Wetting💦 the brush can help make the perfect fur cookie🍪🐶🐱
    • Softly brush and remove loose hair while giving a massage on sensitive skinned companion animals.
    • Simply clean the brush by just tossing out gathered loose hair that has been captured under the cap! (Rinse under water for extra cleanse)
    • Keep away from animals(other than cats and dogs) and children.
    • For short, tangles and/or thin curly haired animals such as Poodles and Bichons, may not find the product as much effective as promoted. 
    • Silicone / ABS
      Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), is a highly-functional material with excellent shock resistance, heat resistance and great appearance.
    • 3.15 inch (L) x 5.31 inch (W) x 3.54 inch (H)
      Only 0.37pounds! Perfect for one hand grip
    • Made in: Republic of Korea

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    South Korea South Korea
    • Companion animal Cat

    Way more comfortable for the pet! (To be honest, not as effective as the Furminator but my pet loves this one so much more)

    Since my cat goes through massive shed hair season 13 times a year, my go-to was Furminator but I always knew that it is uncomfortable for the cat, because their thin bristles tend to poke the animal uncomfortably and even my fingers. With this brush I can tell that my cat is relaxing and feel comfortable while brushing. She purring up a storm every time I brush her. Yes, it is not effective as much as the furminator but it does works enough ! It pulls the most shed and undercoat with few swipes and getting it a little damp helps collect hair ! If you are a real cat lover and looking for a brush that your pet does love too, then this one is perfect for you.

    Pethroom Healing Brush Review
    Alexander K.
    United States United States
    • Companion animal Cat
    • Breeds Tabby

    Cat brush

    Little Bear, my 8 year old tabby loves this brush!! He goes directly to the cabinet the second Im home and starts meowing for it lol. He will let me pet him with it for hours. He gets quite annoyed when I stop!

    Pethroom Healing Brush Review
    United States United States
    • Companion animal Cat

    Best brush ever.

    I’ve bought several brushes and combs over the last 8 months after I adopted my most recent cat. He attacks every other brush or comb until I decided to try this one. Hallelujah a brush he not only lets me use for more than 30 seconds but he likes being brushed with it and it works. I use a mister that I got from a craft store, mist the brush and brush him. Easy.

    Pethroom Healing Brush Review
    United States United States
    • Companion animal Cat
    • Breeds Domestic short-hair x2

    Best Brush EVER!!

    I've tried numerous brushes on my ever-shedding boys (Lumos & Nox), but this brush knocks it out of the park!! My cats LOVE it! They'd normally run away from wire or hard plastic brushes, but they are under my feet when I get this brush out!! And the fur cookies are fun! I highly recommend this product!!

    Pethroom Healing Brush ReviewPethroom Healing Brush Review
    Abbi M.
    United States United States
    • Companion animal Cat

    My cat loves this!

    My cat hates being brushed before we bought the healing brush. Now he purrs and purrs and repositions himself to be brushed on his belly! Highly recommend.

    Pethroom Healing Brush Review
    Betty P.
    United States United States
    • Companion animal Dog
    • Breeds Shiba inu

    Great brush when is got my dog they said she has blow outs 2x a year on avg. Oh yeah. I live in western NY. Our seasons change back and forth every 2 weeks. She doesnt stop shedding. For a 22 lb dog, she already looks 4 lbs lighter

    Pethroom Healing Brush Review
    BETTY E.
    United States United States

    Found a New Use

    I have almost every kind of brush and my Cat prefers his Pethroom one the best! It’s like a spa treatment. Plus I found out by accident that it works great on Furniturn or fabric to get rid of unwanted hair!

    Pethroom Healing Brush Review
    South Korea South Korea

    It's really satisfying.

    This is better than I expected. lol I opened it as soon as I got it and used it right away, and my cat likes it. I was a little suspicious because the hair came out like it was pulling out. But it works perfectly! It's really satisfying.

    Pethroom Healing Brush Review
    South Korea South Korea

    Love it

    I tried it as soon as I got. It combs more quickly than other products. Love it.

    Pethroom Healing Brush Review
    South Korea South Korea

    All in one brush

    This brush works really good as a brush (love making fur lotuses with it when I have the time). The fur doesn't fly all over the place as it gets clumped up under the brush rubbery cap, which is pretty neat since I waste lesser time cleaning up flyaway fur. Works good as a massager too.

    Pethroom Healing Brush Review