Dental Clean Toothpaste

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Dental Clean Toothpaste contains fucoidan effective for oral health, removing odors and tartar with a sticky formula to make brushing more efficient!

*All our 'cleaning' categorized products are safe to use for both cats and dogs!🐺🐱



  • Contains the most Fucoidan that helps with immunity improvement
  • Did not add any D-Sorbitol that is contained in most toothpastes which causes vomitting and diarrhea when ingested.
  • Consist with safe, natural ingredients that is lick-free such as green tea, rosemary extract and chitosan to get rid of mouth odor.
  • Apply on toothbrush the right amount according to your fur friend's teeth size.
  • Brush thoroughly your fur friend's teeth, adding more toothpaste when needed.
  • Be careful not to brush quickly which might give stress to your pet.
  • Key ingredients: Seaweed, rosemary, green tea, fucoidan, purified water
  • 60g / 2.1oz
  • Made in: Republic of Korea

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