Dental Clean Toothbrush 2ea

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PETHROOM developed micro bristles made for cats and small dogs for the perfect tartar removal!

*Product launched and designed exclusively by PETHROOM after years of in-house development and product testing.

*All our 'cleaning' categorized products are safe to be used on both cats and dogs!🐺🐱


  • 0.08mm ultra fine microfiber bristles effectively reach every part of your pet's teeth without having to worry about causing pain.
  • Extra small sized brush head gets rid of remaining food on teeth to prevent tartar formation and bad breath.
  • Manufactured with FDA certified bristles, anti-bacterial material for safe and long use.
  • Prior to brushing, smear a small amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush to allow companion animals to get used to the smell.
  • Gently brush the front teeth area before slowly moving towards other areas.
  • PP, TPU
  • 8g
  • Made in: Republic of Korea

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